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NordVPN vs IPVanish: Logging Both NordVPN and IPVanish claim to be truly zero-logging. That’s great, but VPN providers can pretty much say what they want on their homepages. IPVanish “No-Logging” VPN Led Homeland Security to Comcast I'm the CEO of StackPath and we acquired IPVanish in February, 2017 (more than a year after the lawsuit from 2016). With no exception IPVanish does not, has not, and will not log or store logs of our users as a StackPath company. Most important, StackPath will defend the privacy of our users regardless of who demands otherwise. IPVanish Review - VPN Geeks

Apr 10, 2020 · Beginning Wednesday, April 8, users logging onto Twitter were met with a surprising alert titled “An update to your data-sharing settings.” That alert read as follows: “The control you have over what information Twitter shares with business partners has changed.

Jun 30, 2020 Best VPN for Kodi - IPVanish VPN for Kodi: Everything You Need To Know. Kodi (or the platform formerly known as XBMC) is the centralized solution for digital entertainment. Unlike most set-top boxes that are limited to streaming media from official apps, Kodi’s become increasingly popular for its versatility. “No Logs” IPVanish Hands Over Logs to Homeland Security

Today, IPVanish claims to keep a strict no-logs policy. This was not the case during a data-logging scandal in 2016. IPVanish complied with the Department of Homeland Security’s request for user information. The individual was involved in a child abuse and pornography investigation, and ultimately, this information helped the investigation.

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