As Smart DNS Proxy creates loopholes for specific sites (like Hulu) and not using a VPN’s geo-location encryption, Hulu’s blocking of specific IP addresses will not be an issue for Smart DNS Proxy users. Best Smart DNS Proxy Routers. FlashRouters now offers several routers specifically configured for use with Smart DNS Proxy.

Oct 13, 2017 · Keep in mind that not all Smart DNS proxy services support Fubo TV. If you want to watch Fubo TV outside USA using Smart DNS head over to Unlocator. You can try out their service for free thanks to a 7-day trial. Smart DNS vs VPN: Streaming Fubo TV Outside the US. Whichever solution you choose, Smart DNS and VPN both allow you to stream Fubo TV Smart DNS Proxy is a popular method of unblocking online video streaming content, such as the BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Netflix. Using Smart DNS Proxy, you can hide your original IP address and “spoof” an IP address in another country – allowing you to watch geo-restricted content easily. Dynamic DNS (DDNS) is a system that allows you to validate your IP automatically if your Internet service provider changes your IP frequently. To use this feature you will need a Dynamic DNS service provider and a router. To setup Dynamic DNS on your router please follow this tutorial, step by step: Using Dynamic DNS to Update Your IP Dynamic DNS services like DynDNS,, and allows you to translate your dynamic IP into a static hostname. By adding the static hostname to your Unlocator account we can then regularly check if your IP has changed. Oct 03, 2018 · 6. Change ‘DNS Address’ Change the ‘Primary and Secondary DNS’ in your router settings in accordance to the DNS address provided by your Static IP Routing service. ‘Apply’ the changes. The system will take some time to upload the settings. Hide My IP Premium Service. Hide your IP on Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS, and more. Full access to all IPs in over 120 cities worldwide. Includes Smart DNS Proxy service. Use on 5 devices simultaneously. Cancel any time! $4.95 / MONTH. or Single Payment of $34.95

If Smart DNS is not functioning, make sure your IP is validated by following steps 1-4. If you see the “Your IP address has been validated!” message, you can go to Part II from this tutorial. You can Validate a specific IP address (2). Use it to validate an IP address different to your current IP address.

Jul 30, 2015 · Smart DNS Proxy is a secure DNS service which also provides online access to other countries streaming services. In order to do this you need to use their DNS server on your computer.

This guide is for our Smart DNS. In order to install VPN download one of our VPN apps. To use Unlocator you can either set up your device or your router . If you set up your router, then all the devices connected to it will use our service. If you are an advanced user and don’t need a guide then simply change your DNS to & 185

To start using our DNS Proxy service, you need to create an account via our app or a website and then configure your device. Our SmartDNS team strives to ease the process of setting up our service for your platform and so we’ve prepared for you a list of helpful manuals. What We Offer. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a technology that enables everybody to use the internet securely and freely. A VPN hides your IP address by encrypting your data and routing it through remote servers, keeping your activity, your identity and your location private even if you don’t have any level of technical experience. Smart DNS can only be activated for 1 IP address. The most common reason why you could lose the internet connection with Smart DNS is that you activated Smart DNS for a different IP address than your device (Smart TV, Xbox, etc.) has. Also, that might happen if you have a dynamic IP and the IP address of your network eventually changes.